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A module or PrestaShop support asks you for information, who to contact?


You will notice that often following a request for technical assistance, the first question you may be asked is the recovery of connection information to a tool, a url.

We explain why and who to contact to get this information.


An access to your prestashop Backoffice (the most common request):

For this request, you are the only person who will be able to provide them, you will have to go and create a new employee and send the credentials that you will have created for the occasion.

PrestaShop 1.6 : Administration > Employees

PrestaShop 1.7 : Advanced settings > Team


FTP access: What is it? We invite you to follow this link. These are identifiers that allow access to the files on your site. You should generally ask your host for them.


A database access: What is it? As the name indicates, it is a place where you can find all the data and information concerning your site. The data products, customers, orders and others. These accesses are also to be requested to your host.


An access to your cPanel, your plesk: What is it? It is an interface provided by your host when you open your hosting offer. A backoffice that allows you to access various information and parameters concerning your server.


An access to the management of your domain name: More rarely requested, really for specific cases of server migration or problems with your emails. Very often an information to be retrieved from the same host that you rent a server from. But this is something that can be independent and managed by another host or domain name manager