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The payment module does not appear at the payment stage


You have just installed the PS Checkout module, you have connected your PayPal account, but the module does not appear at the payment stage? Here are a few steps to check:


Here are some verification steps to follow:


1 - Go to the module configuration.

Make sure that the desired payment methods (e.g. Bancontact and credit card payment) are activated.

If they are activated, but you don't see any PS Checkout payment method in the store front, go to step 2.


2 - Go to the Payment > Preferences section of your back office


Make sure that the PS Checkout module is checked for transactions in the concerned currency, for the concerned countries, as well as for the concerned delivery methods.

For instance, if the module is not checked for the country Belgium, and you sell in Belgium, your Belgian customers will not see the module appear at the payment stage.


3 - You can also empty the cache of your PrestaShop store, this allows you to make sure that the non-display of the module at the payment stage is not due to the fact that the temporary files of your store have not been updated.


4 - If you have just installed the module and the configuration seems correct, but the payment methods are still not displayed, simply try reinstalling the module. In many cases, this simple manipulation may be enough to solve the problem.