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How to display a different price for professionals?


In many countries, professionals are used to see prices displayed without the tax (even if the tax is indeed included in the final invoice).

This is not set up by default, but you you can easily put that in place for some select users. Regular users will still see the prices including taxes.

  1. Go to the "Groups" page of the "Customers" menu.
  2. Create a new group named "Professionals" (or any other fitting name).
  3. In the group-creation page, change the "Price display method" method option to use "Tax excluded". Save the group.

Now go to the "Customers" page, and for each professional customer:

  1. Open the customer edition page.
  2. In the "Group access" section, uncheck the regular "Client" group and check the new "Professionals" group
  3. In the "Default customer group", select the "Professionals" group.

This way, the clients marked as professionals will see prices without taxes as soon as they connect to their account. Visitors, guest and regular clients will still see tax-included prices