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How can I add my logo?


By default, your shop contains a theme and a logo, those that are currently in place. Even if you like a graphic theme, there are always adjustments to be made, such as adding your shop's logo!

You first need several image files on your computer to customize your shop effectively.

Refer to your shop's style guide for the images or ask your graphic designer.

There are three tabs giving the theme appearance options:

Logo. The logo that will appear on all the pages of your shop.
Invoice & email logos. The logos that will respectively appear in your shop's invoices, and your email notifications.
Icons. Your shop's favicon (displayed in the web browser's address bar) and your Store icon (for use on the Store map as an indicator of where a store is).


To edit the store logos:

Click on Add to send your shop's logo
Do the same for the other tabs: invoice logo, icon and mobile. Each medium needs a logo of the right size.
Remember to save once you have configured the appearance of your shop.