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Notifications bar


At the top of the back office is a bar containing a handful of information and links:

Notifications.pngQuick Access: the menu groups together shortcuts to the most useful pages, for example Orders, New voucher, New products ...


A search field: Search the whole back office for information or a feature.



  Maintenance mode activated: The displayed icon  (tool_icon.png ) indicates that the maintenance mode is activated. To find out more or to disable it, see our article dedicated to this topic:

 ④ Display your shop:  This link gives you direct access to the front office of your shop, simply by clicking on it.

⑤ "Direct access to your "PrestaShop Ready" account": where you will be able to download the invoices of your subscription and modify your bank details.

Alert icon: This symbol will display a number depending on whether you have had a new order, a new customer or a new message.

⑦ The person icon: This menu will give you access to two options, first the "My preferences" link which will open the preferences page for your current user account, where you can change certain options like the back office language or your password, and the "Sign out" link which will sign you out of the account currently in use.