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As you go about your day-to-day tasks as shop administrator, you will regularly have to browse the many pages and options in the back office.

By default, the menu is displayed on the left-hand side of the page.


In addition, the vertical format can be minimized to only display its icons by clicking on the ">>" icon.

Each menu corresponds to a set of tasks:


The homepage of your back office where you can see your main stats in real time.

For more information about this subject, please read our dedicated article:

1.1. The Dashboard



This is the heart of your shop, the place where you will add products, create categories, manage your customers, customer service, etc.


"Order settings": You can manage your orders, invoices, credit slips, etc.

"Catalog". This is the menu that lets you create your categories, products, attributes and features, promotions, etc.

"Customer Settings": You can manage your customers and their addresses.

"Customer Service": This is your customer service tool which enables you to manage exchanges with your customers, their messages, product returns, etc.

  "Stats": This menu gives you access to a vast array of statistics and graphs recovered and generated by PrestaShop.

"Paypal & Braintree Official": to configure & view transactions made with Paypal



This is the space that will enable you to configure the modules, your website design, carrier management, etc.


"Modules": to configure, uninstall or disable your modules

"Design": you can manage your theme, your CMS pages, the position of your modules, in fact all of the features that may impact the design of your website.

  "Shipping": you will be able to configure your carriers and everything to do with your packages, in particular, shipping costs.

  "Payment": you can configure the payment modules you have enabled.

"International": helps you to configure your shop with local elements such as language and translations, currency, units of measurement, taxes and taxation rules, and geographical entities.



It is here that you can configure your shop's general parameters, customer parameters, product preferences, etc.


"Shop Parameters": PrestaShop is a highly configurable e-commerce solution and you can edit almost everything about it using these preferences pages.

  "Advanced Parameters": contains links to specific tools and information pages that could not fit in the other menus.