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Creating permissions


Permissions are a central part of PrestaShop's profiles. They enable you to see very precisely what an employee account can and cannot do on your shop.

The "Permissions" administration page is built using tabs.

On the left of the screen, there are as many tabs as there are available profiles.

On the remaining right of the screen, PrestaShop displays the clicked profile's permissions. This tab contains two tables side by side.

 When you click any profile (except SuperAdmin), the two tables appear to give you access to their criteria:


① On the left, menu-related permissions: you can decide what the profile can do on a menu/page. In effect, you could prevent a profile from editing the content of a page, or even hide the menu entirely.

For each of the menu criteria, you have 5 options:

"View": Employee can view information.
"Add": Employee can add new information.
"Edit":Employee can change information.
"Delete":  Employee can delete information.
"All": Enable all the above options.

On the right, module-related permissions: while you might allow some profiles to see the available modules, you might prefer that only the most trustworthy employees should be able to configure certain modules.

Meanwhile, the module criteria have only 2 options:

"View": Employees can view the module's configuration.

"Configure": Employees can configure the module.