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Configuring B2B preferences


Just a small reminder about B2B. It is the commercial activity you implement if you want to sell to companies rather than individuals.

You will therefore need more information about your buyers, for instance the SIRET number and the name of the company. Start by enabling B2B mode. Click on the Shop Parameters menu, then on Customer Settings.

Simple enable B2B mode and save.

This changes the Customer page, so if you go back to the Customers menu and click on Customers, then edit any Customer record, you will see some new fields.

Company. The name of the company.

SIRET. Its SIRET number (France only).

APE. It is principal activity code (Activité principale exercée - France only).

Website. Its website.

Allowed outstanding amount. The amount of outstanding money that the company is allowed.

Maximum number of payment days. The number of days that the company is allowed.

Risk rating. Your risk rating of this company: None, Low, Medium or High.


Enabling B2B mode adds a new option to the Customers menu: Outstanding

This page displays the outstanding report for some of your customers, meaning the amount of credit you are allowing them to buy your products before they have to actually pay you. If you have entered a value in your Customer's record, you can get a summary of the amounts outstanding.

Once a customer with outstanding allowance buys from your shop, it appears in the Customers > Outstanding page. This gives you an overview of your current outstanding invoices.