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Changing my VAT number on an invoice


You may need to change or add your VAT number to an existing invoice. However, it is against the law to make changes to an invoice that has already been issued.

To secure the legal aspect of this process, you'll need to contact PrestaShop support to request a new invoice.


If the purchase is less than a month old, you can proceed as follows:

  • Enter your VAT number in your account. This article explains how to do this.
  • Place a new order with the same products and quantities.
  • If you download the products: make sure you download them to the same URL you used to download the products from the previous order.
  • Send the new order number to support.
  • Our team will refund the previous order containing the incorrect information.
  • You will then have access to a new invoice, updated with the information you have added to your account.


💡 Business Care special case: when you need to modify an invoice generate when buying a Business Care subscription, reactivation fees will apply when you place the new order. Moreover, vouchers cannot be used to purchase a standalone Business Care. 


Our team can be reached:

  • By using the contact form in this Help Center
  • By telephone on +33 1 40 18 30 04, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 8pm (UTC+1)
  • By chat at the same times from the PrestaShop site, provided you have accepted Zendesk cookies, our support communication tool.


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