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Average Shopping Cart Booster (Cross-selling)


The Shopping Cart Booster module allows you to create promotions tailored to your customers' needs on the shopping cart page, guaranteeing you several advantages:

  • Increased average basket
  • Stock clearance on products of your choice
  • Discovering new products
  • Improving customer satisfaction



Click on the Configuration tab to create promotional offers tailored to your customers by choosing :

  • The name of the offer you wish to set up. This will appear in the basket summary if the customer adds the promotional product to the basket page.

  • The product on which you wish to apply a special offer. The module lists all the products in your catalog, and will use the exact name given in your catalog (so all you have to do is type in the first few letters of the desired product).

  • The amount and type of the offer according to the total amount of the customer's basket. Set your preferences for the promotional codes to be generated by the module: choose the number of slices, the percentage or currency and enter the corresponding amount. If you choose an amount, it will automatically adapt to the different currencies activated in your store, according to the exchange rate.

  • Once you've registered your offer, you'll find the operating procedures and a summary table of all the offers you've created. The latter lets you filter the data to display only the elements you want.

A few basic operating rules to know

Promotional product offers are based on the visitor's activity in your store, to ensure that promotional offers are always adapted to their buying behavior. Promotions created by the module will not appear on the shopping cart page if :

  1. The customer has already purchased the product in question from your e-shop.

  2. The prospect has already added the product to his basket before going to the basket summary.

  3. A basket rule has already been created for the current basket. You can choose whether promotions carried out by Promo Cart can be used simultaneously with cart rules you have created outside this module. If the prospect validates the proposed special offer, the designated product will appear in the order summary along with the other products already selected by prospect.



In this tab, you'll find the module's statistics, including the additional sales it has generated. You have the option of filtering these results by date. First, you'll find the main indicators:

  • Discount identifier
  • Name of promotion
  • Identifier of the product included in the promotion
  • Name of the product included in the promotion
  • Price HT before promotion
  • Number of times this promotion has been displayed
  • Number of times a sale was made thanks to the promotion
  • Promotion success rate
  • Additional sales generated through promotion (in HT)


You can find this module on PrestaShop Marketplace! And take a look at our article on how to install a module.

If you have any questions about the module, you can also contact PrestaShop support directly via the Marketplace.


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