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The Drop-Down Basket module lets you configure your drop-down basket. Below you'll find all the information you need to understand and use this module.


⚠️Please note: this module is not compatible with a theme that already includes a drop-down basket.



In this tab you can configure and customize the display of your drop-down basket.

  • Start by choosing whether to activate or deactivate your drop-down shopping cart.
  • Then you can customize your drop-down basket with the color of your choice. This color impacts the shopping cart button, price and action buttons that redirect to the shopping cart or purchase tunnel.
  • You can also choose to respect your visual identity, by keeping prices in the color of your default theme.
  • You can also choose whether or not to activate all your settings on mobile.
  • Then you can choose to make two buttons visible on your drop-down basket.
    • First, choose to display the "View my basket" button, which, when clicked, gives your customers access to a complete summary of their order.
    • The second is to choose to display the "Checkout" button which, when clicked, allows your customers to proceed directly to the checkout and first stage of the purchasing tunnel without having to go through the order summary screen.
    • Finally, you can choose one of the two buttons, or display both buttons in your drop-down basket.


Throughout your configuration, you can preview in real time, directly from your back office, all the elements you customize as described above.


You can find this module on PrestaShop Marketplace! And take a look at our article on how to install a module.

If you have any questions about the module, you can also contact PrestaShop support directly via the Marketplace.


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