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Discover the PrestaShop Metrics basic plan


PrestaShop Metrics a new dedicated interface

PrestaShop Metrics is now divided into two separate plans:

  • A Basic plan that gives you an overview of your KPIs over 3 months.
  • An Advanced plan that goes into detail on the KPIs of 3 the major dimensions of an e-commerce store: Business, Acquisition and Customer Behavior. The data history has been extended to 24 months.


Once configured, the module is easily accessible from 2 locations in your back-office:

    • your dashboard :

    • the side menu, under 'Statistics' :


Enfin, you may notice that activating PrestaShop Metrics automatically engages the deactivation of older default statistics modules to optimize your dashboard. However, these are always available and can be reactivated from your Module Manager page.

Plan Basic: Overview


Visit KPIs


The Basic plan overview lets you scan the key figures of your e-commerce business at a glance, with 8 KPIs available in map form (provided you have configured your Google Analyticsaccount):


  • Gross sales (PrestaShop)
  • Controls (PrestaShop)
  • Average basket value (PrestaShop)
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate (PrestaShop)
  • Conversion rate (PrestaShop / Google Analytics)
  • Visits (Google Analytics)
  • Bounce rate (Google Analytics)
  • Average session duration (Google Analytics) 2 evolution graphs are also available:
  • the evolution of your sales
  • the evolution of your sessions


In each card, a small tooltip gives you the definition of the KPI concerned:



Date selector

The horizontal bar at the top of your interface lets you select period shortcuts with a single click:

  • Today (Plan Advanced)
  • Yesterday
  • The last 7 days
  • The last 30 days
  • The last 3 months
  • The last 6 months (Plan Advanced)

The 'Custom' entry lets you enter the date selector and choose the analysis period yourself:


Period comparator

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to compare the evolution of your KPIs over a given period with those of the previous period.

You can easily analyze your performance from one week to the next, for example, and get a clearer picture of how your business is evolving.


Interface shortcuts

In the top right-hand corner of your interface, you'll find 3 shortcuts for quick access to :

  • full screen' mode
  • the tutorial
  • the configuration page


Advanced plan shortcut

This card enables you to quickly subscribe to the Advanced plan, the details of which will be explained later in this user guide.



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