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Access FTP


A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard protocol for sending or downloading files over a network. This is the system generally used to deposit the files for a PrestaShop store on the host's web server, and thus make the website available.

What is FTP access?

  • These are identifiers that allow access to the files on the server hosting your PrestaShopsite.
  • This access is made up of 4 parts: Host, Identifier, Password, Port.
  • Please note that logging on to your FTP and editing your files requires certain technical skills.

How do I find this access?

  • When you sign up with a hosting provider, they provide you with access.
  • It's also possible to ask your hosting provider for access or to generate new ones.
  • On the server configuration panel, it is often possible to consult, redefine or create new ones. The exact terms and conditions will vary according to the host you choose.

Best practices

  • It is advisable to provide specific access to the server for each participant, so that rights can be easily withdrawn once the intervention has ended.
  • You will often need several different logins to manage your PrestaShop store down to the smallest detail: FTPaccess, database access, back officeaccess ... It is therefore preferable to keep these different accesses stored in a password manager.

💡 With an Edition store, you don't have access to FTPfiles, so you don't need to have the login details.



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