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Setting up the PrestaShop "Marketing" module with Googlestep by step


PrestaShop Marketing makes it easy to connect your store with Google and promote your products to millions of buyers on networks such as Google Search, YouTube or Gmail. Create Performance campaigns Max without leaving your PrestaShop dashboard and increase traffic.

Find out how to set up the PrestaShop "Marketing with Google" module step by step.

  1. Download the "Marketing" module with Google.
    Visit the official module page at marketplace PrestaShop Addons ( to download the module. Be sure to choose the version that is compatible with your version of PrestaShop.

  2. Install the module
    Log on to your back-office at PrestaShop and access the "Modules" section, then "Module Manager". Click on "Upload a module" and select the zip file of the module you downloaded earlier. The module will be installed automatically.

  3. Configure the module
    After installing the module, you need to configure it to work correctly with your PrestaShop store and your Googleaccount. Here is a detailed overview of the module configuration:

    - Log in to your account Google
    Once you have clicked on "Configure" to access the module settings, you will be asked to log in to your Googleaccount. Click on the "Connect with Google" button and follow the authentication steps. Make sure you log in with the Google account associated with your Google Merchant Center and Google Ads.

    - Authorize access to your account Google
    During the authentication process, you will be asked to grant certain authorizations to the module. These authorizations are required so that the module can access your Google Merchant Center and Google Ads data and synchronize them with your PrestaShopstore. Check the requested authorizations and click "Authorize" to continue.

    - Select your account Google Merchant Center
    After granting authorization, you will be redirected to the module configuration page. Here you will need to select the Google Merchant Center account you wish to use for product synchronization. If you have several accounts, make sure you choose the one that corresponds to your online store.

    - Configure general parameters
    In the "General settings" section, you can define various options for the module, such as automatic product synchronization, synchronization frequency and conversion tracking preferences. Adjust these settings to suit your needs and preferences.

    - Advanced settings
    The module can also include advanced settings for specific functionalities, such as ad optimization, tracking tag configuration and error handling. Explore these options and adjust them to your needs. Please note that some advanced features may require additional technical knowledge.

    Once you've configured the module, be sure to click "Save" to save your settings. You can now take the next steps to synchronize your products with Google Merchant Center, set up your advertising campaigns Google Ads and optimize your ads.

  4. Google Merchant Center
    The "Marketing with Google" module allows you to synchronize your products with Google Merchant Center. To do this, you must first create an account at Google Merchant Center ( ). Once you have created your account, follow the instructions to link your Merchant Center account to your PrestaShopmodule.

  5. Configure your product flow
    Product flow configuration is a crucial step in ensuring the successful synchronization of your products with Google Merchant Center. Here's how to set up the product flow in the "Marketing" module with Google:

    - Access the module parameters
    Log on to your back-office at PrestaShop and go to the "Modules" section, then "Module Manager". Search for the "Marketing with Google" module and click on "Configure" to access the module parameters.

    - Select product categories
    In the module parameters, you'll find a section dedicated to product flow configuration. Start by selecting the product categories you wish to include in the feed. You can choose to include all categories, or select only those that meet your marketing needs.

    - Set language and currency
    Choose the language and currency in which you want your products to be presented in the feed. These settings must match the preferences of your target audience and the configuration of your store PrestaShop.

    - Select destination country
    Indicate the destination country or countries for which you want your products to be eligible. This will determine where your products can be displayed in Google Shopping ads and other Googleservices.

    - Configure product attributes
    The "Marketing with Google" module lets you configure the product attributes to be included in the feed. Attributes are additional information about your products, such as brand, color, size, material, etc. Be sure to include all relevant attributes to help Google understand and correctly classify your products.

    - Image management
    Configure your product image parameters, such as the size and quality of images to be included in the feed. Google has specific image size and quality requirements for Google Shoppingads, so make sure you meet these requirements to avoid errors and quality problems.

  6. Google Ads
    The module also lets you create Google Ads advertising campaigns directly from your PrestaShopback office. To do this, you must first create an account at Google Ads ( and link your account to your PrestaShopmodule.

  7. Create advertising campaigns
    From the configuration page of the "Marketing with Google" module, you can create and manage advertising campaigns Google Ads. Select the campaign type (e.g. Shopping, Search or Display) and follow the instructions to define the campaign parameters.

  8. Conversion tracking
    Be sure to activate conversion tracking in the module settings to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. This will enable you to adjust your marketing strategies according to the performance of your ads.

By following these steps, you'll be able to configure and use the "Marketing with Google" module to promote and optimize your PrestaShoponline store.


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