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Why do we need access to your back office?


When you contact our PrestaShop Support service, we may sometimes ask for access to your PrestaShop back-office as well as FTP/SFTP access to your server.

We make this request in order to facilitate our investigations and maximize our chances of resolving the issue you are facing as quickly as possible.

Indeed, your shop is hosted either by you or by an external provider. This means that we do not have access to your shop.

Therefore, we cannot begin the necessary investigation process to resolve your issue.

These actions may include (but are not limited to):

  • Checking the shop settings and/or the settings of the module concerned (PrestaShop version, PHP version, module versions, etc.)
  • Determining if an incompatibility is present
  • Viewing the error message
  • Trying to reproduce abnormal behavior
  • Finding a solution to the problem

We may ask you to perform all of these actions, but this increases the number of necessary exchanges and thus, the resolution time.

That is why we ask for access, so that we can investigate quickly, effectively, and provide you with a quick solution.

Please note that you have the option to create temporary and restricted back-office access. When possible, we recommend prioritizing access to a staging environment rather than access to the shop that is currently in production.

To create access for the support service or module developer, you should always create an employee account that you can disable at the end of the intervention. You should never give out your personal access.

To create an employee account, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Advanced Parameters and then on Team

  • Create a profile, for example, Support. To do this, click on the Profiles tab, then on the Add a Profile button and save.


Then create the permissions for the profile you just created (you can decide to give access to the entire module section but not to your customers, for example), by simply checking the boxes of the options you want to give access to.

  • Then click on the Employees tab and Add an Employee.

Set up the information for the new employee account (Name/First Name/Email address/Possibly language, but especially the permission profile you previously created, for example, support).



  • Once the account has been created, provide your intervenor with the following information:
    1. the access URL to your back office
    2. the email defined for the account
    3. the password created