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Manage product activation/deactivation


Temporarily deactivating your products can be very useful when updating your store or renewing your catalog. To find out how, follow the guide!

To access: Catalogue > Products


You can activate or deactivate a product directly from your product list, using the switch button in the "Status" column.



If the button is green, your product is activated and visible in your store. Click this green button to deactivate it. The button will turn gray.

To reactivate a product, simply click on this button again. It will turn green again and your product will be visible to your customers.


How do I search your catalog?

If you've created products but can't see them in the back office, you can use the category search.


How do I get there?

On the Catalog page > Products, click on the "Filter by category" button in the top left-hand corner and select the category of your choice.


💡 You can also use the product list to search for a product by ID, name, reference or category.



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