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Create an employee profile


PrestaShop allows you to define several levels of responsibility for your employees. This is useful for limiting the access of certain profiles to specific functions. Find out how!

To access: Advanced settings > Team


What employee profiles are available?

By default, four profiles are ready for use:

  • SuperAdmin: this is the highest employee profile, with full access and rights to the PrestaShopback office.

💡 The SuperAdmin profile cannot be deleted, but it can be renamed.

  • Logistician: this is the profile of employees responsible for packing and dispatching orders. By default, logisticians can only access orders, carriers and stock management pages, as well as part of the catalog and customer pages.
  • Translator: this is the profile of employees responsible for translating the store's textual content. By default, they can access products and categories, CMS pages and the translations page.
  • Sales: this is the default profile for the sales department. In addition to the same access rights as the translator profile, they can access customer, module and webservice pages, as well as statistics.


How do I create a new profile?

Click on the "Add a profile" button at the top right of the page to create a new employee profile.

The only required field is the employee profile name. Make sure you give it a unique name ("accountant" or "marketing manager", for example) and save. The new profile is online!


See our article for details of the permissions for each profile.



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