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Configuring the footer


At PrestaShop, your store footer is fully customizable. Find out how to modify it!

To access: Appearance > Link list


What is the footer?

The footer is the area at the bottom of a website. It contains useful information for customers, such as contact details (telephone, email address, form), store opening times, other menu entries and the link to the legal notice.


How do I change the footer?

The footer is organized in blocks of links. By default, two blocks are already present: "Products" and "Our company".


To modify a block, click on the edit button, symbolized by a pencil. You can then select the links you want to display in the relevant block.


How do I create a footer block?

If required, you can add blocks to your footer by clicking on the "New block" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This opens a page for creating a footer block.



To add a new block to the footer :

  1. Enter the block name as you want it to appear in your footer.
  2. Select the "displayFooter" hook that corresponds to the site footer.
  3. Check the pages you wish to add to your footer block.


What types of links should be added to the footer?

You can select from three types of information:

  • Content pages (CMS) containing information such as general terms and conditions of sale, legal notices, delivery, returns and refund policies.
  • Product pages such as those dedicated to promotions, new products or best sellers.
  • Static pages such as store, contact or sitemap pages.

You can also add customized content to your footer block using the following insert. As with any link, all you need to do is enter its title and URL.




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