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Add a tax


Taxes have a significant impact on the price of your products or your shipping costs. To find out everything you need to know about tax creation, follow the guide!

To access: International > Taxes


Why add a tax?

There are many different taxes in the world, and they vary considerably from one country to another, and even within the same country if it has federal states (USA, Germany, Spain, etc.).

Depending on the tax system in your country or state, the products you sell may be subject to tax. It is therefore imperative that you comply with the tax laws that apply to you.


How do you create a tax?

A certain number of taxes are already present in your back-office, depending on the language selected when installing PrestaShop. These taxes are available on the International > Taxes page.



To add a new tax, click on the "Add a tax" button at the top right of the page.



Then complete the following fields:

  1. Name the tax rule. For better readability, indicate the name of the country and the percentage to be applied.
  2. Indicate the percentage to be applied to the price of products before tax. The value must be entered in the following format: XX.XX or XX.XXX (e.g. 20.00 or 20.145).
  3. Click on the switch button to activate or deactivate the tax.



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