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Create a content page


PrestaShop allows you to fully customize your content pages. It's useful for helping your customers find their way around your store, and also for improving your SEO. Let's find out how!

To access: Appearances > Pages


What is a content page?

A content page is a page in your store into which you can insert text and/or images.

Also known as " CMSpages" (Content Management System), content pages are used to inform your customers about your general terms and conditions of sale, your legal notices, the different payment methods you accept, etc.


How do I create a content page?

Click on the "Create a new page" button at the top right to open the following form:



Fill in the following fields:

  • Category page: designates the category in which your new page will be placed.
  • Title: designates the title of your new page.
  • Preview SEO: offers a preview of your page's URL.
  • Title tag: this field must contain between 10 and 70 characters maximum. The title must be as explicit as possible and contain your keywords!
  • Meta description: this field should contain between 70 and 160 characters and be as explicit as possible. A well-crafted description works like an advertisement, encouraging visitors to click through to your site.
  • Simplified URL: this field is mandatory. It will help your user referencing and your customers by giving your page a clear title. Read our article to find out more about simplified URLs.
  • Page content: write the content of your page here in any language you like.
  • Indexing by search engines: click on the green tick to decide whether the information on this page will be taken into account by search engines.
  • Displayed: click on the green tick to decide whether your page will be displayed in your store.

Click on "Save and preview" to save the form and open your content page in a new tab.



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