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Add a customizable product


It's possible to let your customers personalize your products before they buy! Find out how to add a customizable product to your online store.

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What is a customizable product?

It's a product that customers can personalize as they wish, by adding text or an image.

Example: if you sell jewelry, you can let your customers engrave a text or image on the piece.


Why offer personalized products?

Customers love personalization, which strengthens the bond between buyer and seller. The opportunity to personalize a product makes customers feel like they're giving themselves a gift, and makes it easier to buy!


How do I customize a product?

PrestaShop offers two customization options: your customer can add text or send a file. For example, if he wants to add a photo to a mug. In your back-office, for each product, the "Options" tab lets you access a configuration section to determine which type of personalization (file and/or image) to apply to your product.



Add a file

This will generate a file upload button on the order page. Each button accepts only one file, so add as many as you need.

For example, if you allow up to 5 lines of text at 14 characters each, add 5 fields and specify the character limit in the field name. If you allow images for a book cover, you can use the following titles:

  • "Cover (20.95 x 27.31 cm, color)"
  • "4th cover (20.95 x 27.31 cm, black and white)"
  • "Back (20.95 x 1.716 cm, color)"


Add text

This will place a text field on the order page. You can add as many fields as you like simply by clicking on the "Add a custom field" button.


💡 You cannot limit the number of characters in a field. Use the label to give the customer information.


For example, if customers want to have words engraved in a product, you can use this:

  • "First line (24 car.)"
  • "Second line (24 car.)"
  • "Last line, signature (16 car.)"

You can make a field necessary for order validation by checking the "Required" box to the right of each field.


Delete superfluous fields

If you've added too many fields, click on the trashcan icon to delete the unnecessary field. Once you've completed all the fields, don't forget to save your changes.


Once a product's customizable properties have been configured, its store page displays a new block entitled "Customization".


💡 As soon as the personalization has been validated, the personalized images and texts will appear in the final shopping basket.


How do I receive orders for personalized products?

When a customer buys a customizable product, the order process proceeds as usual: once the order has been validated by the customer, you receive a notification in your back office. You need to browse the order details to retrieve the images and/or customized texts for each product: download the images (by simply clicking on the image from the order) or copy/paste the texts to use them.


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