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Create a product pack


You might want to sell a product pack made up of several items. For example: an offer for Valentine's Day, including a necklace and earrings. PrestaShop makes it easy for you to create such a pack from the products in your catalog.

A pack to simplify order picking. They can also enable the customer to benefit from certain advantages, such as discounts or special offers.

At present, you cannot add a declination to a pack. If you want to have packs with variations, you'll need to create individual products for each variation. This is a known limitation of PrestaShop. There are add-on modules you can add to fill this gap.

You cannot add an existing pack to a new pack, nor import the contents of an existing pack into a new pack.

The process of creating a pack is similar to that of creating a normal product:

Go to the "Products" page in the "Catalog" menu;

Click on the "Add" button;

Select the type of product you want: Standard Product, Product Pack or Dematerialized Product, in this case Product Pack.


This will bring up a search field for selecting the product you want to add to your Pack.

Once you've selected a product, simply add it by clicking on the "add" button. Repeat this operation as many times as you wish to add a product to your pack.


When all the products have been selected, you'll get the composition of your pack.

Once the products have been added to your pack, you can manage them like any other product, assigning prices, quantities and so on.


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