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Payment settings


Click on the Payments tab, then on Payment methods, and you'll find 2 modules already activated, the Cheque payment module and the Transfer payment module.


Configuration of the Cheque payment module :

All you need to do is enter the order of the beneficiary to whom the cheque should be sent (i.e. your company name) and the address to which the cheque should be sent (i.e. your head office address).

Configuration of the bank transfer payment module :

Account owner. Logically, you should indicate the name of the account owner, i.e. your company, since this is your business account.
Details. You can enter all the information you need to make the transfer: IBAN, BIC, account number, etc.
Address of your bank. You can enter the name and address of your company's Professional Bank.

2 new fields appear in the 1.7version.

Reservation deadline. This field allows you to tell your customer how long the product they wish to purchase will be reserved for them while they wait for the transfer to be made. Simply enter the number of days.
Customer information. In this field, you can define order processing information (processing time, order dispatch on receipt of transfer, etc.).


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