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Associate a carrier with a product


On PrestaShop, you can quickly add a carrier to a product from your back office. Follow the guide!

To access: Catalogue > Products


Why add a carrier to a product?

While some products can be handled by a standard La Poste service, others are bulky (furniture, materials, musical instruments, etc.) and require a different shipping organization.

That's why PrestaShop lets you authorize a product to be shipped by selected carriers only.


How do I add a carrier to a product?

Go to the product sheet you wish to link to your carrier and click on the "Delivery" tab:



This is where you'll find all the carriers you've created.


💡 To find out how to add a new carrier, click here.


Cochez the one who can handle this product. If no carrier is selected, then all carriers will be considered available to customers. Don't forget to save to update your product page.



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