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Modify a customer account


The Customers page > Customers gives access to a list of your customer accounts. You can modify, delete or add them.



As the manager of your store, you can intervene in the various fields of the customer account:

  • Title: select one of the available titles or create your own in the dedicated tab on the > store settings page.
  • First name, Last name, E-mail: this information is essential. It will be used in your communications with the customer, and the e-mail address will be needed to connect to the customer area.
  • Password: enter a long password of at least 5 characters.
  • Date of birth: this information is optional. Enter it only if you need it (birthday discount or communication, temporary promotions, etc.).
  • Enabled: activate this account or leave it inactive for the time being.
  • Partner offers: whether or not to register your customer for partner communications. Be careful: you absolutely must have his agreement to subscribe him to your partners' offers!
  • Group access: select one of the available groups or create new ones in the dedicated tab on the > store settings page. This can be useful for group promotions, or for applying certain functions that are only available to these groups.
  • Default customer group: this is the main group to which the customer belongs.

Don't want to ask for a date of birth when a customer registers for your store? Simply deactivate this field in the Shop settings page > Customers.


Define required fields



Below the customer list, a "Define required fields for this section" button opens a form for selecting the information required for customer accounts. Simply tick the fields listed to make them mandatory when a customer is created on your store.



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