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Add a product brand


On PrestaShop, you can quickly add a brand from your back office. Follow the guide!

To access: Catalog > Brands & Suppliers


Why fill in a trademark?

If you include information on the brands you sell, visitors to your store will benefit from easier navigation, enhancing their experience. What's more, defining brands will improve your position in search engines. Even if you only sell your own brand.

If the product's supplier is not the same as its brand, then you need to make sure that both are registered, and each associated with the corresponding products.


Is it necessary to enter a brand name?

Yes ! Your store will be even better referenced.


How do I add a brand?

From the Catalog page > Brands & Suppliers, click on "Add a brand".



A brand creation form opens, from which you can add your brand name and the following information: summary, description, logo, title tag, meta description, meta keywords. A button also lets you activate or deactivate the mark.


💡 The summary is a free text about your product, the description a text about its characteristics, very useful for search engines.


Click on "Save" to be redirected to the list of brands.


💡 If you design your own products, we advise you to create your own brand. In this way, you can help your customers in their search and optimize your store's visibility in search engines.



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