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Associate a supplier with a product


PrestaShop allows you to associate a supplier with a product. Find out why this feature is useful and how to set it up!

To access: Catalogue > Products


Why attach a product sheet to a supplier?

If most customers have little interest in the suppliers of your products, preferring to have information about brands, informing your suppliers can help you manage your store PrestaShop.

You can sort products and manage your inventory more easily, based on the suppliers you enter upstream.


How do I attach a product sheet to a supplier?

In your product file, click on the "Options" tab. The area dedicated to suppliers is at the bottom of the screen. This is where you'll find the list of suppliers you've already entered.



⚠️ To use this function, you must have already registered at least one supplier in your store.
  1. Check the box corresponding to the supplier
  2. Save your changes



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