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Modifying a customer address


The Customer page > Addresses gives you access to the list of addresses entered by your customers: home, work, etc. You can modify, delete or add addresses.



Customer addresses all have the same template, but some fields require special attention:

  • Customer e-mail: this field is absolutely essential to identify the customer and assign an address.
  • Tax identification number: this field is optional, but if you have this information, it allows you to enter an identity number (national identity card or tax identification number).
  • Address alias: this required field lets you assign an address to a specific location. This is generally used to specify whether it's "home", "work", etc.
  • Other: this field is not mandatory, but may be useful if additional information is required for delivery.


Define required fields



Below the address list, a "Define required fields for this section" button opens a form for selecting the information required for customer addresses. Simply tick the fields listed to make them mandatory when a customer creates a new address on your store.



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