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Configuring the home page: adding a banner


The banner displays a large visual on your home page. This element is crucial to your store's visual identity. Find out how to configure it!

To access: Modules > Module manager > Banner


Why create a banner?

A banner is a fully customizable element appearing on your store's home page, on which you can showcase images, links and descriptions of your products. With a banner, you can :

  • Optimize your communication. You can create specific content according to the languages available, targeting your customers according to their location.
  • Promote seasonal offers. To make your customers want to buy.
  • Highlight an important section of your store. Your visitors will pay more attention to them and focus on your catalog.
  • Successful sales. Items that stand out are items that make you want to buy.



How do I configure a banner?

To change the default banner image on your home page, you need to configure the "Banner" module. The latter is free and installed with PrestaShop.


  1. Go to the Modules page > Module manager in your back office and select this module.
💡 To easily find the "Bannière" module, simply enter the word "Bannière" in the search box and confirm.

     2. Click on the "Configure" button to open the configuration page.

     3. Upload the image you want and set the link to the page where the visitor who clicks on the banner will be taken.


💡 Add a description to your banner to optimize your SEO by adding keywords. It will be displayed when the cursor is over the image.


Don't forget to click on "Save" to upload your banner!



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