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Configuring the home page: adding a text block


PrestaShop allows you to add a block of text to your home page to personalize it. Find out how!

To access: Modules > Module Manager > Custom text block


What is a text block?

Text blocks allow you to add textual content to your store to suit your taste. They can contain text, links, images and videos.


💡 You can use a block of text to give a brief presentation of your store on your home page.


How do I act on a text block?

By default, a text block is already present in your store. To modify it, go to the Modules page > Module Manager. To easily find the "Customized text block" module, enter the word "text" in the search bar.

Once the module is displayed on the screen, click on the "Configure" button to the right of your module to access the configuration window. Write your text. You can modify it using the editor bar above the text box.


💡 If your store is multi-lingual, you can create unique content for each language by choosing a language from the drop-down menu to the right of the input options.


Once you've entered and formatted your text, click on "Save" at the bottom right of the page to put your text block online.



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