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Creating and managing link blocks


PrestaShop allows you to create, manage and customize your link blocks. Find out how!

To access: Appearance > Link list


What is a link block?

A link block is a list of links, usually displayed in the footer of a store, which allows visitors to access internal and external links.

For example, these links can lead to your contact pages, legal notices, etc.


💡 To find out more about customizing your footers, visit this article.


How do I add a block of links?

From the Appearance page > Link list, click on the "New block" button in the top right-hand corner to open a new window.



  1. Name your block.
  2. Select its attachment point. To make it appear in the footer of your site, select "DisplayFooter".
  3. Tick the pages you want to appear in your link block.
  4. Click on "Save" to put your new block of links online.


How do I modify a link block?

Existing link blocks can be modified from the Appearance page > Link list.



Click on the "Modify" icon, symbolized by a pencil, to open the configuration page for the selected link block.

You can then check and/or uncheck the pages you want to appear in your link block.



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