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Access customer accounts


Customer accounts are very important for your store. They give you a better understanding of your customers and their expectations! Find out how to get the most out of your accounts receivable.

To access: Customers > Customers


Why are customer accounts useful?

The "Customers" section lets you view details of your customer accounts. With it, you can create groups of customers to whom you can apply discounts, display current shopping baskets or manage after-sales service.


Demo customer account

When you install your store, PrestaShop creates a default user: John Doe. This demo client is very useful for testing your store's functionality. It lets you browse pages as a normal customer would.

To connect to your store with this account, use the following login and password:

💡 Beforeopening your store to the public, however, we recommend that you remove this default client. Malicious users could use them to create fake commands.


How do I search your customer accounts?

The customer account management interface looks like this:



It displays a list of all your customers. You can use the following parameters to sort accounts or search for a customer:

  • ID: your customer's unique identifier, automatically assigned by PrestaShop.
  • Title: customers can enter their title, which can help you personalize the way your customers use your store.
  • Enabled: indicates whether the account is active or not. You can deactivate an account by clicking on the switch button.
  • Newsletter: indicates whether the customer has subscribed to your newsletter or not. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the switch button.
  • Partner offers: indicates whether or not the customer agrees to receive messages from your partners. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the switch button.
💡 Registration and last visit can be useful for filtering customer accounts. For example, if you want to add information to your new customers' files.
  • Actions: you can modify a user's account, view their data (including messages, orders, address, coupons, etc.), or delete them permanently.

How do I export my customer list?

Exporting customer lists is useful in many cases, for example if you want to use their contacts to send out a newsletter.

The export file gives you access to all your customers' information: e-mailing preferences, agreement to receive partner offers, registration date, number of sales, customer login details, etc. This can be very useful if your customers contact you because they've lost their password, for example.


  1. Click on the cogwheel (1) at top right to open the advanced settings.
  2. Click on "Export" (2).
💡 To best display the information contained in your CSV file, separate the data with a semicolon.



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