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Business Care subscription


Would you like to buy or have already bought a module or theme, and would you like to find out more about Business Care? Here's all the information you need!


What's included in the Business Care subscription?

With the Business Care subscription, you benefit from:

  • Access to all product functionality and security updates
  • Access to compatibility updates for all new versions of PrestaShop, whether major (such as PrestaShop 1.7) or minor (such as PrestaShop 1.7.7).
  • Unlimited support as soon as the subscription is active, for your questions concerning the use of the product and the resolution of product-related technical problems.

💡 The Business Care subscription does not include specific, on-demand developments tailored to your online store. Please consult our General Terms and Conditions at PrestaShop Marketplace, as well as our Support offers.


How does the Business Care subscription work?

Business Care is a subscription that is automatically included with the purchase of a module or theme on PrestaShop Marketplace, and can be renewed each year.

This subscription runs for 12 months and is tacitly renewed on the expiry date.

What's more, a Business Care subscription is linked to both a product and a store. So if you buy the same module or theme several times for several stores, you'll need Business Care for each one.

⚠️Please note that a product can only be supported if its code and source files have not been modified by you.


How can you manage your Business Care subscriptions on a day-to-day basis?

You can manage Business Care from your PrestaShop Marketplace account in the "Subscription" tab.

On this page, you will not only have your payment methods and billing information, but also a list of your products associated with a Business Care subscription.

At a glance, you'll see in this list:

  1. Product name
  2. The store to which it is attached
  3. Payment method
  4. Subscription expiry date
  5. The current price
  6. the active or inactive status of the Business Care subscription

7. Click on "Details" to access more information about the product:

  • Order number
  • The option to enable or disable automatic renewal
  • Adding or deleting a payment method

⚠️Deletion of a payment method automatically cancels the Business Care subscription on the due date.


Frequently asked questions

What happens to the Business Care subscription of a product transferred to another account?

The management of the Business Care subscription is also transferred to the recipient account. The billing information for a past subscription purchase will always remain attached to the buyer's account, but the cost of future subscriptions will be charged to you and recorded in your account.


What happens if I forget to cancel my subscription?

If, before the end of your subscription, a payment method is entered and automatic renewal is activated, you will be debited to continue the Business Care subscription for one year. You will not be charged if the subscription is marked as deactivated.

A notification is sent each month by mail to let you know which subscriptions will end that month.


What if I haven't entered a valid means of payment?

If no payment method is registered, your subscription will expire. If you wish to benefit again, it is preferable to indicate a means of payment before the expiry date, in order to keep the same pricing. Once your subscription has expired, if you wish to reactivate it, a one-off reactivation fee will apply.


Can I buy a product without a Business Care subscription?

Business Care is included in the price of your product. It is not possible to purchase a product without Business Care, in order to guarantee product maintenance and protect you against a lack of assistance in the event of a technical malfunction.


What are updates for?

All products are subject to evolution to adapt to the latest versions of PrestaShop, and to meet the different needs of e-commerce with new features and patches.

As a result, the developers of modules and themes are evolving their products through:

    • corrections to bugs reported by customers or security fixes; these updates are considered minor.
    • new features added during major updates.


What does unlimited support include?

Unlimited support is technical assistance available for the duration of the subscription, to help you with installation, configuration or any bugs.

⚠️Please note: installation and configuration are not carried out directly by the developer, but independently using the documentation provided. However, through Business Care, each developer is committed to answering your questions in case of doubt or difficulty.




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