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Understanding versions of PrestaShop


Like most modern software, PrestaShop has been available in different versions since its inception, and each version is incremented with each update. Versions are named by a sequence of numbers separated by dots, with each number indicating a more or less significant update.


💡Until its version 8, PrestaShop did not follow a standard versioning scheme. For example, for the, 1.7 indicates the major version number, 6 is the minor version number, while 9 refers to a patch. With the upgrade to 8, there's no need for version 1. 8 is the major version!


Since its initial release in 2007, PrestaShop has undergone numerous updates and improvements. Here's an overview of the history of its main versions:


  • Prestashop 1.0 : this initial version of Prestashop was released in August 2007. It featured basic functionalities for order management, product management and customer management.



  • Prestashop 1.1 : released in December 2007, this version added new features, including product image management and language support.



  • Prestashop 1.2 : released in February 2008, this version added features for managing taxes and carriers.



  • Prestashop 1.3 : released in April 2009, this version added new features for managing modules and themes.



  • Prestashop 1.4 : released in October 2010, this version added features for managing product categories and declinations.



  • Prestashop 1.5 : released in November 2011, this version introduced a new administration interface and new features for order and customer management.



  • Prestashop 1.6 : released in March 2014, this version added features for inventory and order management, as well as performance improvements.



  • Prestashop 1.7 : released in November 2016, this version introduced a new user interface and new features for product, customer and order management.



  • Prestashop 8 Published in October 2022, this version is a milestone in the project. It marks the start of the company's detachment PrestaShop from the open source project PrestaShop, and the transition to compatibility with PHP8.1. Security and performance enhancements are also among the new features.



  • PrestaShop 9 : this version is not out yet! On the other hand, work has already begun on it.


The different versions of PrestaShop are available on our website.

We recommend that you regularly update your version of Prestashop to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements. However, not everyone can successfully migrate to a new version. We recommend technical expertise, either through our expert partners or our technical support.


💡 The PrestaShop Hosted and Classic offers are both based on version 8 of PrestaShop. Discover their advantages in this article!



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