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Checklist for launching your store with the PrestaShop Hosted offer


You've decided to take the plunge PrestaShop, here's a list of key points to organize before opening your Hosted store.

The first step is to consider and gather all the information you will need:

  • What is the best legal status for your e-commerce business?
  • What is your brand's visual identity?
  • How your product catalog will be organized
  • Who will be your suppliers and carriers
  • Which payment methods to offer your customers

With these elements in hand, you can subscribe to PrestaShop Hosted with peace of mind! Once your subscription has been launched, your Hosted store is pre-installed by us.

💡 Your Hosted store will automatically be set to maintenance mode on installation, so that you can carry out settings without your store being visible online.


Now all you have to do is follow the guide to set up your store's functionalities:

  • Customize store appearance
  • Add a product
  • Configure delivery methods
  • Setting up payment methods
  • Meeting legal obligations
  • Setting up the domain name

💡 Numerous free online training courses are available to support you at PrestaShop Academy!


Once your settings are in place, check that your store is working the way you want it to:

  • Set your maintenance mode so that only your IP address has access to the front office
  • Check the mobile version of your store
  • Check that no test content remains on your store, such as a fake product
  • Ask other people to give you feedback on your site, by adding their comma-separated IP addresses to the list of addresses that can access the store in maintenance mode.
  • Test your site's performance, SEO and accessibility with automated audit tools
  • Make sure you follow good IT security practices
  • Set aside regular, identified time for testing and maintenance on your site.


It's time to open your store!

  • Deactivate maintenance mode so that your store appears online
  • Launch promotional operations on your own scale, on social networks for example.
  • Check that the first orders run smoothly
  • Monitor your store's after-sales service tab for any customer returns
  • Everything going well? Think about the future and how to develop your e-commerce!

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