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Your store cannot be associated


When attempting to link your PrestaShop account to your PrestaShopstore, you may encounter certain errors. Here are the error messages concerned and how to resolve them.


1. Your shop is already linked and verified. You are not the owner, you can't unlink this shop




Why this error message?

This error occurs during an association attempt, if an old email address was already associated but the dissociation didn't work properly.


What are the solutions?

For security reasons, you should first ask the user who made the association to make the dissociation. If this is not possible, but your account is still accessible in the back office, change the password and disassociate it.

If you don't have access to the account or contact with the person who made the association, contact us and we'll be able to help you.


⚠️Always keep a record of the credentials you use to access certain modules, even if you're working with an agency or freelancer.


2. The shop has not been verified. Reason: Error while sending tokens


Why this error message?

This error occurs when exchanges between the PS Accounts module and your store are blocked.

What are the solutions?

Check that the PrestaShop Accounts module is up to date. If necessary, update the module and try to reconnect.

If the module was up to date, the problem you're experiencing may be due to the fact that your domain uses Cloudflare, and it's blocking the request URL from PS Accounts. In the Cloudflare activity log, you'll find an action with the status "Block" when you try to associate your store. Authorize this request and try the connection again.

Finally, check with your web host that its settings do not block calls to your store (Firewall, proxy etc).


3. < > : Given context is invalid: "currentShop.url" must be a valid uri



Why this error message?

This error occurs when the name given to your back office contains spaces.

What are the solutions?

Modify the back-office name directly from FTP by removing the spaces. Then check that access to the module is available again.


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