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How do I unlink a store from my PrestaShop account?


The association between your PrestaShop account and your store is not irreversible. You may have to unlink the store from your account if, for example, the store changes ownership.

To unlink the store from the account, go to your back-office either in the PS Account module, or in a module that integrates PS Account.



Click on the Manage linked stores button.

If you are not logged in, sign in with your PrestaShop account.



Important: Please check that you are logged in with the account linked to the store. If not, you can change your account by clicking on Use another account.

If you do not have access to the account linked to the store, please contact us via our form. We will verify your identity in order to unlink your store.


Once logged in, find the store you wish to unlink in the list of linked stores, then click on the Dissociate button.



Finally, confirm the unlink of your store. You will be automatically redirected to the back-office page where you were.



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