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Best practices for linking your store to your PrestaShop account


There are a few things you need to avoid when linking your store to your PrestaShop account. Here are a few tips to help you.


Do not copy your store as long as it is linked to a PrestaShop account

Sometimes you need to duplicate your store and to do this you need to make a copy of the database. This could be a problematic if your store was still linked to your PrestaShop account at the time of duplication.

When your store is linked to a PrestaShop account, store tokens are stored in the database. When you copy your store, you will be duplicating these tokens.

By changing the domain name of the new store directly in the database, the token for your store will have a different domain name to that of the store, which will cause problems with the association between the store and the account.

To avoid any confusion, always dissociate your store from your account before copying the store database.


Link the store to your own account

This is especially true if you are working with an agency. Indeed, the agency usually has a hand in your store to help you develop your business.

Nevertheless, it is good practice to link your own account with the store (because legally it belongs to you) and not that of the agency. Especially as if the service ends and your store is linked to the agency’s account, you won’t be able to unlink it and you will be locked in.


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