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Correct DNS records duplicates preventing domain name connection


If you are experiencing issues connecting your domain name to your e-commerce store due to duplicate A or AAAA DNS records, this article will guide you through the steps to fix this problem. Please follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Identify duplicate DNS records

  • Start by accessing the control panel of your DNS service provider or domain host.
  • Look for the section that manages DNS records for your domain name.
  • Locate the A and AAAA records associated with your domain name.

Step 2: Analyze DNS records

  • Check if there are any duplicates in the DNS records. This can happen if you accidentally added multiple records with the same information.
  • Ensure that each A or AAAA DNS record is unique, without any duplicates or redundancies.

Step 3: Remove duplicate DNS records

  • Select the duplicate DNS records (those that have identical information).
  • Remove the duplicate records one by one. Usually, you can find a deletion option next to each DNS record in your control panel.
  • Save your changes to apply the DNS record deletions.

Step 4: Verify updated DNS records

  • Once the duplicate records are removed, make sure to check that the other necessary DNS records for your e-commerce store are still present and correct.
  • Verify that you have at least one A or AAAA record pointing to the IP address of your e-commerce store.

Step 5: DNS record propagation

  • After making the modifications, DNS records need to propagate throughout the DNS system. This process may take some time, typically ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.
  • During this period, it is recommended to clear the DNS cache of your computer or use another device to check if the DNS records have been updated correctly.

Step 6: Verify connection to the e-commerce store

  • Once the DNS records have been successfully updated and propagation is complete, attempt to reconnect.
  • Access your e-commerce store using your domain name to check if the connection is functioning correctly.
  • Make sure to test the various functionalities of your store to ensure that everything is operational.

If, after following these steps, you still encounter issues with duplicate A or AAAA DNS records, it is recommended to contact your DNS service provider or domain host. They can provide further assistance and help you resolve the problem.


⚠️Keep in mind that DNS resolution may vary depending on your DNS service provider and the specific configuration of your domain name.


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