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PrestaShop Technical Support


You downloaded PrestaShop and you are currently configuring it, or it’s already up and running? Maybe you need assistance with the installation process? Or you’ve come across a bug or error and need our help solving it? You might also want to optimize your store's performance and need our expertise!

Whatever you need, the PrestaShop support team is happy to help you.


PrestaShop technical support offers

You can benefit from the experience and expertise of our technical support team in all the different stages of your PrestaShop journey. Our full catalog is on the PrestaShop Marketplace, where you can find assistance with:


💡 A technical diagnosis allows us to find issues and recommend strategies for you to fix them. If a further intervention to resolve them is needed, you might need a Support Plan.

If that's the case, the Support team can refund your Diagnosis ticket via a voucher applicable for the purchase of the Support plan best suited for you. 



⚠️ Don't forget that PrestaShop is an Open Source software, which is why support is not included when you download it freely. However, support is included in the PrestaShop Hosted offer.


Frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about PrestaShop?

There are plenty of resources freely accessible to help you navigate the PrestaShop ecosystem, starting with this very help center! Moreover, the PrestaShop community is always ready to help via the PrestaShop forum, you can watch free training videos on the PrestaShop Academy and read articles on the PrestaShop blog.

How long does technical support take to solve an issue?

A diagnosis of your store generally takes less than 48 hours, provided the support team has all the necessary accesses to the store. An intervention to fix an issue will depend on the complexity of the issue. At the end of each intervention, you received a report of the time spent and the actions taken, so you remain informed how your store is impacted. 

How to choose the right Support Plan?

You can contact the PrestaShop customer service via the contact form, or have a chat with them on the PrestaShop Marketplace, they will help you determine which support plan is right for you.

What if I need more assistance creating my store?

You can also contact our partner agencies, who are PrestaShop experts and can help you with your ecommerce projects.


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