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How to install and configure PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo


Learn how to integrate your PrestaShop boutique with Klaviyo. This process involves 3 main steps:

  1. Installing the Klaviyo module in PrestaShop.
  2. Configuring the module.
  3. Enabling the integration within Klaviyo.


⚠️Before you start: As of June 16th, 2023, there are 2 different modules for PrestaShop available in the PrestaShop Marketplace: the pre-existing Klaviyo module by PrestaShop Partners, and the PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo module.


It means that before integrating, you must identify which module you are using:

  • If you subscribe to PrestaShop Hosted, PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo is already pre-installed in your store.
  • If you're using an open-source version of PrestaShop 1.7.0 or higher (essentially, PrestaShop 1.7.0 through 1.7.8, or PrestaShop Project 8.0 and up) you can use either module. Your decision will depend on whether you intend to use the back office functionality on your open-source PrestaShop store:
    • PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo is designed to integrate with PrestaShop Account.
    • Klaviyo by PrestaShop partners contains the same functionality but it is not designed to be integrated with PrestaShop Account.

Please note that stores running on the PrestaShop Project 8.0 must install the PS_MBO module to use PrestaShop Automation.

Installing the module

1. If you use PrestaShop Hosted, the “PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo” module comes pre-installed. You should:

  • Log in to your PrestaShop store.
  • Under Configure in the left-hand menu, select Klaviyo.
  • Skip to the step “Configure the module in PrestaShop” of this article to configure the module.

2. If you do not use PrestaShop Hosted, head to the PrestaShop Automation module page on the PrestaShop marketplace and proceed to step 3.



3. On the module page, click Download. Validate your details if necessary, then select the version of PrestaShop you're using to begin downloading the zip file. You do not need to extract the zip file.



4. Log in to your PrestaShop shop and navigate to Modules > Module Manager. Click Upload a module, then drag and drop the zip file to the module manager.


5. The module will display a successful installation message upon completion. Next, click Configure and continue to the next section.


Configuring the module

1. You will need to retrieve your Klaviyo public API key (also known as your site ID), as well as generate a Klaviyo private API key for use in PrestaShop.


  • Log in to Klaviyo, then click your organization name in the lower left.
  • Select Settings > API keys. ( API’s help article)
  • Copy your public API key from the page and paste it into the corresponding setting in PrestaShop.
  • Back in Klaviyo, click Create Private API Key, name it, select Full Access Key, and click Create.
  • Securely copy your newly created private API key and paste it into the corresponding setting in PrestaShop.

2. Toggle on Send real-time order events to Klaviyo if you want transactional order events to sync in real-time. These events can be used to send transactional messaging and will appear as a second set of events labeled as transactional (e.g., you’ll see a metric in Klaviyo labeled Placed Order Transactional, which will sync in real-time, in addition to a metric labeled Placed Order, which will sync every 30 minutes).



3. Toggle on Turn off PrestaShop-generated transactional order emails if you wish to do so. We recommend leaving this setting disabled until you have transactional emails ready to go in Klaviyo. You can return to this page anytime and toggle on the settings to disable PrestaShop sending. Note that toggling on this setting blocks transactional emails associated with Placed Order, Fulfilled Order, Canceled Order, and Refunded Order, as well as payment reminder emails.

4. Toggle on Sync subscribers to a list in Klaviyo if you wish to sync subscribers collected at checkout or via a newsletter sign-up form.

5. Click Save to proceed.

6. If you toggle on the Sync subscriber setting, you will be prompted to select a list from the Klaviyo account specified by your API keys to use for syncing subscribers. All new subscribers will be added to the list you choose. We recommend using your Newsletter list.


7. If you would like to subscribe customer profiles to a Klaviyo list using the PrestaShop Newsletter Subscription module, please make sure you have enabled the module, and that the module uses version 2.6.0 or higher.

8. Click Save to proceed.

9. Next, complete the order status mapping form by either accepting the default values or selecting different values. Order statuses correspond to which order events are recorded in Klaviyo. You can select multiple values for each order event. Use Cmd or Ctrl+Click to select multiple. The same value cannot be selected in multiple-order events. Selecting a duplicate value will result in an error message and cannot be saved. Both transactional and non-transactional events will adhere to the order mapping you select.

10. When you are done configuring order statuses, click Save.

11. If you wish to generate coupon codes, you can return to this page later. Read the coupon section of this guide for more information.

12. Next, select Advanced Parameters within the Configure section of the left-hand navigation. Select Webservice. Copy the Klaviyo web service key generated for you and continue to the next section.


This key will be used when enabling the integration in Klaviyo in the next step. We recommend validating that the web service key has the correct Klaviyo permissions by selecting the pencil icon next to the Klaviyo web service key. Scroll down the list of all permissions and locate Klaviyo. Ensure all permissions checkboxes are checked. Select Save to apply any changes.




Enabling the integration in Klaviyo

Now go to your Klaviyo account and sign-in.

  1. Next, enable the PrestaShop integration within your Klaviyo account. In Klaviyo, select your organization name in the lower left corner; then, select Integrations.
  2. Click All Integrations, search for PrestaShop, and click Add Integration.
  3. On the next page, click Connect to PrestaShop.


4. On the next page, enter your PrestaShop shop URL in the Shop URL field. You can find your shop URL in your PrestaShop account under Shop Parameters > Traffic & SEO > Shop URLs. You can also click View My Shop to quickly navigate to your PrestaShop site from any page within your account to retrieve your shop’s URL.


5. Paste the Webservice key you copied from PrestaShop into the Webservice key field.

6. If you’d like to convert all currencies used by your shops to a single currency in Klaviyo, check the option Convert all currencies to one standard currency and select a global currency code from the dropdown list.

7. This will not change the currency of your Klaviyo account. To change the currency you use account-wide, please refer to our guide to Changing the Currency for Your Account.

8. Pull a list of your available PrestaShop shops by selecting Retrieve list of shops. Then, check the shops you wish to integrate. You must select at least 1 shop to proceed.

9. Click Connect to PrestaShop. You’ll see a success message indicating your accounts have been connected.



To learn how to use PrestaShop data in Klaviyo, visit this article next!


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