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PrestaShop Metrics


PrestaShop Metrics is a data presentation and analysis module. Synchronized with Google Analytics, it enables you to track your store's key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

PrestaShop Metrics features

  • Synchronization with Google Analytics (compliance v4)
  • Essential KPIs for your business
  • Single dashboard
  • Unlimited access to historical data
  • Comparison with previous results
  • E-mail reports
  • Export to CSV files

💡 If you created your store with the PrestaShop Hosted or Classic offer, the PrestaShop Metrics module is automatically preinstalled in your back office and accessible directly from your Modules tab. To find out more, see the article on offers PrestaShop.


Frequently asked questions

Is PrestaShop Metrics free?

Yes, since October 2023, the PrestaShop Metrics module is completely free and available on the PrestaShop Marketplace.


What happens if I had a Metrics subscription before October 2023 ?

You should have received an email indicating that your subscription has ended and that you now have access to PrestaShop Metrics features free of charge. Simply update the module from your back office!


Does the PrestaShop Metrics module work in multistore mode?

PrestaShop Metrics is not compatible with multistore. Even if you activate this mode, the module still won't allow you to configure several stores separately.


PrestaShop Is Metrics compatible with my version of PrestaShop?

This module is compatible from the version 1.7.5 of the PrestaShop software.




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