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Clone your project to your local machine


With Git, when you copy a project, you are said to be cloning it. To work on a Git project locally (from your own computer), you will need to clone it. When you are on your GitLab dashboard, click on the project you want to clone. On the GitLab project page, select HTTPS or SSH from the drop-down menu and copy the link using theCopy to clipboardbutton . We recommend using SSH to save time during authentication.





Open a terminal and enter the following command (replace the link with the one you got earlier):

git clone [email protected]:team/your-agency/your-project.git /your/local/project/folder

A clone of the project repository will be created locally on your machine.

If you clone your project via a URL containing special characters, make sure they are URL-encoded.


Best practices with Git


To maximize the effectiveness of all Ps Hosting features, such as deployments and clones, it is best to keep your repository as clean as possible. This is where a well-designed .gitignore file comes in very handy. When your project is imported to the PS platform by the PrestaShop team, it comes with an updated .gitignore file to meet the needs of your project. However, you can count on this tool to help you:


Protected master branch

There is only one rule about branches: everything in the master branch is always deployable. No work should be carried out in this branch. Instead of working in master, changes should be merged from other feature branches.


Create a merge request

Merge requests are your way of moving code from one branch to another. We'll just refer you to the official GitLab documentation on this:



Après avoir cloné votre projet depuis Git, vous pouvez commencer à développer sur votre machine locale. Une fois que vous avez validé et poussé vos modifications sur Git, vous pouvez les vérifier dans l'onglet DÉPLOIEMENT de votre environnement DÉVELOPPEMENT. Déployez toutes les modifications en cliquant sur DÉPLOYER MAINTENANT.


After cloning your project from Git, you can start developing on your local machine. Once you have committed and pushed your changes to Git, you can verify them in the DEPLOYMENT tab of your DEVELOPMENT environment. Deploy all changes by clicking DEPLOY NOW.

For more information on using Git, please refer to:

Officiel Git Documentation


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