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PrestaShop Hosting metrics

On the dashboard of each environment, you will find various statistics. You can use search filters to choose a specific time period for displaying your statistics (1). To return to the initial state, click the refresh button.

For bar charts, you can customize the display in columns or rows according to your preferences (2).

When you hover over each chart, a tooltip appears with data details (3).

Currently, the statistics available on the PS platform are as follows:

  • Number of pages viewed on your online store
  • The number of users connected at the same time
  • Response times for page generation
  • Network bandwidth
  • Processor usage (CPU)
  • Memory consumption




On the Event tab, you will find all actions performed on the environment, with dates and times, as well as the user who performed the action.



View logs on PS Hosting

In the Logs tab, you can view a list of GET/POST method logs, PHP error logs, Apache access logs, and MySQL slowness logs, so you can start debugging instantly.

If you want, you can also download a copy of your application's logs.



View logs on the server

You can view the logs in the vol/log folder on your server:

cd /var/log # You'll find here 3 folders that gives you access to the logs of your webserver stack
# apache2
# mysql
# php




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