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Create SFTP access for external partners


Creating SFTP access by password is not available from the PS Hosting interface. Only the PS Hosting team can provide you with SFTP password access.



Before you begin, make sure you have the following information:

  • Information about the file to which the service provider must access (for example, the entire PrestaShop site, a specific module).
  • Specification of the environment (dev, staging, prod) for which access is required.
  • The name of the service provider


Steps for creating SFTP access

  1. SFTP access request via Support
    Head to the “Support” section available from the PS Hosting interface
    Create a new support ticket with the following information:
    • Subject: SFTP access request for external service provider.
    • Description: Specify the folder to which the service provider must access (for example, the entire PrestaShop site or a specific module).
    • Specify the desired environment (dev, staging, prod) and the provider's name
  2. Processing of the Request by Support
    Support will review your request and generate SFTP accesses accordingly.
  3. Access to SFTP Information
    Log in to the PS Hosting portal again.
    Access the “Variables” section specific to each environment.
    You will find SFTP information under the section dedicated to your environment.


XXX_SFTP_HOMEDIR → the absolute path of the directory

XXX_SFTP_USER → SFTP user, always starts withsftp_

XXX_SFTP_PASS → password (at least 16 characters)

For example :

DEMO_SFTP_HOMEDIR → /vol/site/current

DEMO_SFTP_USER → sftp_demo

DEMO_SFTP_PASS → Afl0ZKhcacWab559




Log in with SFTP password access

You can use SFTP software such as FileZilla or ForkLift.

You will need to find the host and port, "File access" tab of each environment.


Despite this information, if access does not work, do not hesitate to contact PS Hosting support for assistance.



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