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Enable SSL certificate


This document provides detailed instructions on how to enable the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate by default on domains configured on PS Hosting. Make sure the DNS zone is configured correctly on your registrar before proceeding with enabling SSL.


Enabling SSL on PS Hosting

Follow the steps below to enable SSL certificate on PS Hosting:

  1. Access the PS Hosting Interface:
    Log in to your PS Hosting account.
    Once logged in, navigate to the “Production” tab.
  2. Go to the DNS & URLs tab:
    In the "Production" tab, click on the "DNS & URLs" option. This section manages the DNS configuration and URLs associated with your domains.
  3. DNS Configuration:
    Make sure your domains DNS zone is configured correctly on your registrar. This is essential for the proper functioning of the SSL certificate.
  4. Activation du SSL:
    Once the DNS configuration is verified, you will see the list of domains associated with your PS Hosting account.
    In front of each domain, you will find a toggle switch to enable or disable SSL.
  5. Enabling SSL:
    To enable SSL on a specific domain, slide the switch associated with the domain in question to the "ON" position. You should see a status indicator or message confirming that SSL is successfully enabled.
  6. Activation Verification:
    After enabling SSL, be sure to verify that the SSL certificate is operational. You can do this by accessing your site via a secure connection ( and checking for the padlock in the browser address bar.
  7. Renouvellement automatique:
    • The Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is set to auto-renew. However, it is recommended to check the certificate status regularly and notify the PS Hosting team if you notice that the certificate is no longer active.




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