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Manage PS Hosting users


On PS Hosting, you can manage user accounts. These accounts can be edited and deleted.


Understand the concept of Agency and Team

There are two steps to create an account, the first is to add a profile in the Agency section and the second is to add the profile in the Team section.

An Agency corresponds to an entity greater than a project. Let's take the case of an agency that should manage several projects on PS Hosting or a merchant with several projects/websites. An Agency entity is then created to manage all projects. A Team corresponds to a set of profiles defined and authorized at the project level.


Create an account

Creating an account requires adding the profile at the Agency level. This is a mandatory step.


Add an Agency level profile

Account view

On the dashboard, the AGENCY tab, shown below, provides access to all associated accounts (validated or not).


Invite a new user/account

To add a new account, click the INVITE NEW MEMBER button and fill out the pop-up window that appears on the screen.



Plusieurs rôles existent, utilisez par défaut Membre qui est un rôle n'octroyant aucun accès.

Several roles exist, use by default Member which is a role granting no access.

We will return to the notion of role later.

After submitting the invitation, a new line appears with the information entered. In place of the name is INVITATION PENDING, which means that the account is not yet validated.


A confirmation link has been sent by email. This link is only valid for 48 hours.

Add a Team level profile

Once the confirmation link has been used, the user account is no longer in PENDING INVITATION status. It is therefore possible to associate this account/profile in the project/website via the TEAM button.


Edit an account

On PS Hosting, you can only change a user's role.

There are 4 different roles that a user can have:

  • Administrator: Can access all projects, perform all actions, and has access to billing account information. Manages the Agency and can add/remove new members.
  • Billing: Can access the billing account section where he/she can enter company and credit card details. Can also view invoices.
  • Developer: Dedicated key member of your Agency with access to every Agency project.
  • Member: a default member does not have immediate access to Agency projects. Members must be granted access to individual projects. This role is created to invite people to specific projects (e.g. freelancers, interns, ...) without having to grant them access to ALL projects.

If you want to change a member's name or email address, you must create a new account. Then the user will receive a new email invitation to join the Agency or project.


Delete an account

Please do not delete accounts linked to the Ps Hosting team (ending with

To delete an account, on the dashboard, click Agency. Next, click the trash can icon next to the user you want to delete.


A confirmation pop-up appears on the screen, click Yes to finalize the account deletion.



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