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VAT applied at PrestaShop.


How is VAT applied to PrestaShop subscriptions and orders?

In France, VAT on subscriptions and sales generally depends on the type of service or product supplied and the customer's location. For subscriptions and products offered by PrestaShop, the applicable VAT is equal to the standard rate in force in France, currently 20%.

However, for customers in other European Union (EU) or non-EU countries, the general rule since 2015 is to apply VAT in the consumer's country. PrestaShop must therefore collect and invoice VAT at the rate applicable in the customer's country.

Intra-Community VAT.

Intra-Community VAT is a system of taxation applied to trade in goods and services between member countries of the European Union (EU).

In Europe, intra-Community transactions are generally exempt from VAT when carried out between companies located in EU member countries. This is the case for PrestaShop, which only sells to professionals (BtoB).

However, to benefit from this exemption, it is essential to comply with certain conditions, such as holding a valid intra-Community VAT number and the appropriate documentation.

You'll need to enter your VAT number and check its validity using the tools provided by the tax authorities. Failure to comply with the rules may result in sanctions. The tool used by PrestaShop to check the number is VIES:

Lastly, certain areas, such as the French overseas territories, can benefit from specific VAT exemptions. If you are one of these exemptions and VAT is applied to you, don't hesitate to contact our support team.


How do I add my VAT number?

PrestaShop Marketplace orders.

To benefit from this exemption, you'll need to enter your VAT number in the billing address of your PrestaShop Marketplace account (formerly known as Addons):

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop Marketplace account:
  2. Go to the Addresses tab
  3. Edit or add an address
  4. Enter the intra-Community VAT number in the "Intra-Community VAT number" field (not to be confused with the "NIF / DNI / NIE" field).

rentrer VAT number dans Addons.gif

Various PrestaShop subscriptions.

To benefit from this exemption on your subscriptions ("built for" modules, Business Care), you will need to enter your VAT number in the billing address of your PrestaShop Account:

  1. Login to PrestaShop Account:
  2. Go to the Professional Information tab
  3. Edit or add information
  4. Enter the VAT number in the "VAT number" field

renter VAT number dans Accounts.png

PrestaShop Hosted subscription.

To benefit from this exemption on your PrestaShop Hosted subscription, you will need to enter your VAT number in the billing address in the Back Office of your PrestaShop store:

  1. Connect to your Back Office (the url was sent to you by e-mail when you registered).
  2. Go to the Manage my subscription tab
  3. Edit or add billing address
  4. Activate the "Show fields for a company" option
  5. Enter the VAT number in the "VAT number" field

rentrer VAT number dans Hosted.gif

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I've forgotten to change/add my VAT number on an order?

It is illegal to modify an invoice that has already been paid. Therefore, you have a maximum of 1 months after purchase to notify us of this error.
Ideally, you don't need to have downloaded the products. You will need to place a new order with the same products, then inform our support team so that we can refund the invoice where VAT was applied.

EXCEPTION: Please note that this procedure is not the same for Business Care automatic renewal orders. Refunding the order cancels the subscription. You will then need to reactivate your subscription from your PrestaShop Marketplace Account > "Products" tab. A reactivation fee will apply.

You can find more information in our FAQ: Support and updates > "What is the Business Care subscription?"


For these requests, please send us an e-mail via our Help Center :

You can also contact our agents by chat or phone from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm at +33 (0)1 40 18 30 04.

I have not received my PrestaShop Hosted access.

If these emails have not arrived either in your main mailbox or in your junk mail folder, please contact PrestaShop customer service.

Using the email address linked to your Hosted account and the name you chose for your store when you registered (e.g., our teams will check that your store has been created and will send you your access details.

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