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Configure the .gitignore of the Gitlab repository


To configure your gitlab repository, you must follow the following steps

The .gitignore

Retrieve the .gitignore

The PS Hosting environment comes with the official PrestaShop .gitignore.

If this is not the case you can retrieve the correct version.

Retrieve the .gitignore for the correct version of PrestaShop:

Remember to replace [PS_VERSION] with the version of your PrestaShop[PS_VERSION]/.gitignore

Ex for version 8.1.0

Modify the “admin-dev” with the correct folder of your PS admin

You need to search in the .gitignore all the lines with "admin-dev" and replace them with the real admin folder of your current PrestaShop.


Add lines specific to PrestaShop Hosting

Add the following lines after (change values between [__])


The ADMIN_DIRECTORY is the name of the folder of your current PrestaShop BO

If you have a Wordpress blog:

# Blog

The BLOG_DIRECTORY corresponding to the folder which contains the blog in your PrestaShop/
Ex: If your blog is in a folder called "blog" you will put:

# Blog


Push to git

Then push your new .gitignore to git with or without the other modifications detected as usual. Or modify directly on GitLab


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