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Configure variables and slow pools


Slow pools

What is a slow pool?

A slow pool is a URL that allows an execution time exceeding 30 seconds.

Please note that you should not add a frontend URL, only for backend URLs.

Set up slowpools

In order to allow pages to load longer than 30 seconds, you will need to add slow pools.

Log in to the PS Hosting interface and go to the slow pool tab on the production environment.

You must have at least the following 4 entries:

  • admin
  • api
  • modules (directory)
  • module (router)

Remember to replace /adminXXXX with the real folder of your PrestaShop BO




What is a variable

A variable is a value that is saved on the server.


The variables to have

Log in to the PS Hosting interface and go to the Variables tab on the production environment.

If you only have a PrestaShop

For the proper functioning of your application it is important to have the correct admin_path


Replace in ADMIN_URL, with the correct value of your PrestaShop BO.

If you also have a WordPress blog with a database separate from that of PrestaShop



You will need to put the correct BLOG_DIRNAME with the blog folder in your PrestaShop.
Here in "the-blog".
As well as your Wordpress blog database information
I invite you to consult the documentation Link a Wordpress blog


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